My Life In His Hands: Based On A True Story

My Life In His Hands: Based on a true story

by Sarah Rosmond

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This is what I remember, I have been told that when terrible things happen to us we tend to block it all out, I wish that was the case for myself. Unfortunately I can remember my childhood as if it was yesterday, and not only can I remember I feel like it was almost like a past life or like a movie I was part of, I learnt how to detact myself from it which helped a lot while writing my story. I have never been able to talk about my past and you will see while reading this book that even when I did speak out I was never heard. After having my old children and realising that it is my life and I am now in control of my own life that I should finally tell my story. I found that once I started writing this book; I could just switch off the everything going on around me and I found it therapeutic it is good to get it out and talk about my childhood. A handful of people know the outline of my childhood, but the words in this book is the full story, or as least everything I remember in detail. I have realised writing at the time was my way of coping with the silence and pretence. If my book can help just one person, then I feel that my horrible childhood might have a purpose and not just be a punishment. I will say that have no regrets, what happened in my life has happened and can never be undone




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My Life In His Hands Based on a true story






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